Tarot Card Reversals

Welcome to the world of tarot card reversals! 

If you’re new to tarot, you might wonder what it means when a card appears upside down in your readings. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the significance of tarot card reversals and provide practical tips to help you confidently interpret these mysterious cards.

What Are Tarot Card Reversals

Tarot card reversals occur when a card is drawn from the deck in an upside-down position. These reversed cards can carry unique meanings and energies, offering more profound insight into your tarot readings.

By understanding how tarot cards work and embracing tarot card reversals, you can unlock hidden messages and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the cards’ guidance.

When a card appears reversed, it can indicate a delay, blockage, or challenge related to its upright meaning. It can also represent an internalized or subconscious aspect of the card’s energy. Sometimes, a reversed card may even suggest the opposite of its upright meaning.

Interpreting Reversed Cards

There are several approaches to interpreting reversed cards, and finding the method that resonates with you is essential. 

For example, some readers view reversed cards as the opposite of their upright meanings, while others see them as a more nuanced or internalized version of the card’s energy.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to interpret tarot card reversals – it’s all about tapping into your intuition and discovering what feels true for you.

🙃 Opposite Meaning: Some readers interpret reversed cards as the opposite of their upright meanings. For example, if the upright meaning of the Two of Cups is a harmonious partnership, the reversed meaning might suggest conflict or imbalance in a relationship.

🛑 Blocked or Delayed Energy: Another approach is to view reversed cards as representing blocked or delayed energies. In this case, the reversed card’s meaning would be similar to its upright meaning but with a sense of obstruction or delay.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Internalized Energy: Some readers see reversed cards as an indication of internalized or subconscious energies. This interpretation suggests that the card’s energy is present but not fully realized or expressed in the external world.

🔮 Intuitive Interpretation: Many readers rely on their intuition to guide them in interpreting reversed cards. This approach encourages you to trust your instincts and connect with the unique energy of each reversed card in the context of the reading.

Tips and Techniques for Reading Reversed Cards

To enhance your tarot practice and effectively interpret reversed cards, consider these tips and techniques:

Context is key: Always consider the context of the reading and the surrounding cards when interpreting a reversed card.

Balance upright and reversed meanings: Explore a card’s upright and reversed meanings to understand its message better.

Trust your intuition: Your intuition is your most powerful tool when reading tarot cards – trust it to guide you in interpreting reversed cards.

Tarot Card Reversals in Practice

To help you integrate tarot card reversals into your readings, practice with sample spreads that include reversed cards.

Observe how the reversed cards interact with the upright cards in the spread, and pay attention to the overall message of the reading.

You’ll become more comfortable and confident in interpreting tarot card reversals with practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot Cards Reversals

Q: Do I have to read reversed cards in my tarot readings?

A: It’s entirely up to you! For example, some readers choose not to use reversed cards, while others find them invaluable. Experiment with both approaches and decide what works best for you.

Q: Can reversed cards have positive meanings?

A: Absolutely! Reversed cards can carry positive and negative meanings, depending on the context of the reading and the card itself.


By embracing tarot card reversals and incorporating them into your readings, you can uncover hidden insights and deepen your understanding of the tarot’s wisdom.

Remember, practice makes progress, and the more you work with reversed cards, the more confident and intuitive your interpretations will become.

Happy reading!